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HP is a popular brand for computers and printers. It makes quality laptops and printers and is known for its DeskJet series, its personal computers and an array of other devices. All the computers and laptops that have been released by them after the year of 2012 is compatible with the Contact HP support assistant software. This has been started to help the users when they face any issue while using the device. Several self-help options are available on the software and regular updates are provided

After booting the HP system, locate the blue question mark seen on the taskbar on Windows 7, or click the HP Support Assistant app on the start screen on windows 8 and 10. If you still can’t get the HP support assistant working, possibly the app has not yet been installed, you would need to download and install it.

It is of great help and you can start using it just after purchasing. When you have clicked on the icon and started the utility, let it connect to the network. Download all the needful drivers and security updates. If there are any windows errors, it runs, scans and detects it and fixes it, if it is able to.

HP Support Assistant


For improving user experience and to make the work more effective and quick the utility tool is set up on the computer. While using this tool, a lot of the issues and errors can be resolved which otherwise cannot when using the PC or Laptop. Reason being, this tool helps resolve these technical problems by making the best self – help options.

  • Navigate to the HP support assistant website online.
  • Click on the ‘Download HP support assistant’ tab on the top – right section.
  • A new screen with a download display box will appear on the screen.
  • Click on SAVE and then allow the computer to finish downloading.
  • After the download is finished, click on ‘RUN’, a new screen will appear, initiating the installation.
  • Follow the instructions received.
  • When the process is completed, the utility tool would have been installed.
  • Now the only thing you would need to do is to click on Finish and then allow your system to restart.


When there is a problem with the copy of your support assistant on the Windows 10, then you can simply uninstall and reinstall it. All you need to do is, go to the support website and download it according to the Windows 10 version. Follow the steps given there and you will be able to use it again after restarting. If it still does not help you should contact HP tech support to help you do so.

It is important to get the HP support assistant fixed whenever it does not work because it helps keep the laptop running perfectly. For this, it keeps the system updates and drivers released on a continuous basis. Hence, if you want to keep HP support assistant windows 10 running well, then keep checking that your system updates are allowed and working naturally. You can set the update schedule as per your requirement.


It is a software interface that is installed on HP notebooks supported with operating systems. 61% of the population using HP notebooks in America, United Kingdom, etc uses HP support solutions. 11.51.0048 is the popular release amongst the users. And, Version 12 mostly downloaded on the Windows 10 operated notebooks.

HP Driver Support Framework provides a common set of software interfaces. It initiates a central access for most hardware settings, HP – specific windows drivers for your notebook and of the BIOS settings and pages. It provides centralized access to such settings, so that you can change as and when it is required and you do not need to do it through the normal way which takes a lot of time.

HP notebook Users running on Windows 7, 8 or 10, commonly have HP support solutions framework service installed. To check if it is running in the background or not, open the task manager and go to ‘services’. If it not running, you can download and install it from HP support’s downloads section

HP Support Assistant

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